Public Consultation

30th June 2020

The public consultation on the constraints study and scheme options ended on Monday the 29th of June 2020. The project team would like to thank all those who took time to engage with the project and for making submissions during the public consultation. The feedback received will now be reviewed and considered to further inform the assessment of the scheme options. A post-consultation report will be prepared and published on this website which will summarise the consultation process as well as the key feedback and commentary received. The assessment of the scheme options will proceed during the summer in order to identify the preferred scheme option. An Option Selection Report will then be prepared which will describe the assessment and selection process and outline the rationale for the selection of the preferred option. This Option Selection Report will be published on this project website and the preferred option will also be displayed for information.

The project team remains available to answer any general project queries via the contact details provided on this website


Public consultation Details

Your Views are Important to Us

We are now engaging with the public on the finding of the constraints study and the preliminary scheme options that have been identified. At this stage of the project a public consultation event would normally be arranged to provide an opportunity for public participation at this early stage in the project’s development.

However in accordance with current Covid-19 guidance, and in order to protect the public and project staff from the risk of the transmission, it is not possible to hold a public event at this time. Instead we are holding an online public consultation event on this project website.

This online consultation will commence on Monday 15th June until Monday 29th June 2020.

Wexford County Council wishes to consider all viewpoints during this option selection process. Your comments and
queries can be submitted online via the website feedback form linked below or via an email to Links to the Public Consultation Brochure, Scheme Options drawing and Constraint Study Drawings are also linked below.

Feedback forms may be submitted online until Monday 29th June 2020. All feedback received will be considered by the project team and a Post-Consultation Report will be published on the project website. This report will summarise the consultation process and the matters raised during the consultation.

We also invite you to contact us by telephone with your queries: 053 9196000. To allow the project team to review and consider your query fully, we would ask that email or phone queries are submitted before 4pm on 16th June 2020. Phone calls will be answered by a member of our customer services team and you will be asked to provide your name, phone number and a brief description of your query. Arrangements will then be made for a member of the project team to call you back and discuss your query within 48 hours.


Background to Project

Rosslare Europort is a key strategic transport link between Ireland and both the European mainland and the United Kingdom. It is an important ferry port for all major Roll-On, Roll-Off (RO-RO) passenger and freight services operating on UK and continental routes. Access to Rosslare Europort is via the N25 National Primary Road which passes through the village of Rosslare Harbour. To improve road safety, facilitate Port operations, and also facilitate improvements to Rosslare Harbour village, Wexford County Council is looking to improve access to Rosslare Europort from the existing N25 National Primary Road. Three options are currently being considered and these are outlined below for you. Two options continue to use the existing N25 corridor to the Port, and the second of these options includes improvement works to the existing N25. A third option includes the construction of a new access road which will provide an alternative route to the Port.
Wexford County Council is working in consultation with Transportation Infrastructure Ireland to progress the scheme. Mott MacDonald Ireland has been appointed as technical advisor to assist in the development of the scheme, and Tramore House Regional Design Office is providing project management services on behalf of Wexford County Council.
We are now consulting with the public, and in particular the residents of Rosslare Harbour, on the alternative options identified that could meet the project objectives, in order to help determine the preferred scheme option.

Constraints Study

In identifying the preliminary scheme options, a Constraints Study was undertaken. The purpose of the
Constraints Study is to identify and present all the characteristics and features of the study area, whether
natural, artificial or external, which may influence the identification of viable scheme options. The Study
Area within which key constraints and preliminary scheme options were examined is shown on the map
The main physical, engineering and environmental constraints identified within the study area are as

  • Interface with Rosslare Harbour and Rosslare Europort and existing road junctions as well as
    regular and numerous private accesses
  • The Dublin to Rosslare railway line
  • Archaeological and Architectural Heritage
  • Existing Utilities

These constraints have been considered carefully by the project team and have helped to identify the
preliminary scheme options. This public consultation is an integral part of the study of constraints and
preliminary scheme options. It helps us access local knowledge and identify areas of concern, which
are then taken into consideration in the development and assessment of scheme options and the future
planning of the project

Scheme Options Descriptions

Scheme Option A ("Do-Minimum" Option)

Option A (‘Do-Minimum’ Option) utilises the existing N25 National Road as the access route to Rosslare Europort. It includes the N25 Ballygillane roundabout project which will provide a new roundabout at the existing junction between the N25 (St. Patrick’s Road) and the existing L7021 (Ballygerry Link Road). This project received planning approval in January 2020, and Wexford County Council intends to proceed with the construction of the roundabout in 2021. Option A begins at this proposed roundabout with the Ballygerry Link Road, continues along the existing N25 National Road and terminates at the existing roundabout at Rosslare Europort. This ‘Do-Minimum’ option provides the baseline for the appraisal of all scheme options.

Scheme Option B ("Do-Something" Management Option)

Option B (“Do-Something” Management Option) assumes that there will be investment to improve the existing N25 National Road corridor which will remain the access route to Rosslare Europort. Option B seeks to utilise the existing asset where feasible through a package of on-line improvements which may include a mix of the following: the rationalisation of direct accesses onto the N25, provision of parallel service roads, left-in/left-out junctions, designated pedestrian crossing facilities, signalised junctions, and improvement works at Delaps Hill. This option will be developed to the “best possible standard” using the existing infrastructure. It also includes the N25 Ballygillane roundabout project which will provide a new roundabout at the existing junction between the N25 (St. Patrick’s Road) and the existing L7021 (Ballygerry Link Road). Option B beings at this proposed roundabout with the Ballygerry Link Road, continues along the existing N25 National Road and terminates at the existing roundabout at Rosslare Europort.

Scheme Option C ("Do-Something" Development Option)

Option C (“Do-Something” Development Option) consists of a combination of existing road infrastructure along with a new road corridor to provide a new access route to the Rosslare Europort. This option utilises the existing Ballygerry Link Road and begins at its junction with the existing N25 National Road, where the proposed N25 Ballygillane Roundabout is again included. A new section of road then extends from the existing junction of the Ballygerry Link Road/Churchtown Road and loops to the north crossing the existing railway track before continuing east to connect into Rosslare Europort via a new roundabout proposed as part of the future development of the Rosslare Europort. We are consulting with Rosslare Europort to ensure that any scheme proposal that may develop from this option will be compatible with the Port’s own future infrastructural plans.

N25 Rosslare Europort Access Road 

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